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Teacher gift idea

Are you clueless on what to get your child’s teacher or even your co-worker.  Do they enjoy writing?  How about a journal.  There are so many beautiful journal options.  We carry journals of a variety of themes, mini travel journals, health journals, baby journals(to write their most adorable sayings) dining out journals, bucket list journals and just plain blank journals.  Add a nice pen and a bag to carry it in and you have a great gift.  Other add on’s can include candles, mugs, hand lotion, chap stick, teas, coffees, cookies and chocolates.  

Check out our website for additional gift themes and ideas. 

Pampering Gift

Pampering gifts are great gifts for women or men.  I myself love a nice bath with a cup of tea next to me.  I will buy night time tea to help me relax.  So here are some great pampering gift ideas that you can put together.  If you know the receiver likes baths some items can include bath salts, bath bombs, bubble bath, bath tea, makeup remover face cloths, special soaps and maybe a nice robe once out of the tub or shower.  I like a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate as Im soaking in the tub.  Give a nice mug with tea or hot chocolate.  Then once out of the tub nice peppermint lotion or soap (holiday peppermint lotion great for Christmas)  If you want to be crafty then check out Pinterest and make your own handmade bath bomb or hand scrubs.  Hand scrubs and very simple to make and not too many ingredients are needed.  If you need more ideas or someone to help you with a custom gift contact The Friendly Box Company.  We will find a great gift based on your receivers interests.

A gift for the frequent traveler

Do you know someone who lives on the road and travels frequently? Put together a travel gift box.  Some travel items could include a recyclable bag such as the ‘Chico’ bag.  It can hold up to 40 lbs and comes in a variety of great colors.  It can be used for dirty laundry or shopping.   Snacks for the airplane is another great idea, a protein or energy bar, some gum, breath mints, and nuts are all easy to eat snacks in the plane or car . Some other miscellaneous gift ideas include,unique luggage tags,  cosmetic/tolietry bags, travel organizers then add small items to the bags like facial wipes to freshen up and travel size lotions,  lip balm for the dry air, ear buds, and warm socks or neck pillow for the very long flights.  Check out our website to see some of these product ideas


Spice Up Someone’s Holiday with a Spicy Gift

A variety of spices make a nice gift for the chef in your life.   Buy a variety of fun spice mixtures, look for something new.  Some places that you can find a variety of different spices are stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and William Sonoma.  You can buy some unique containers from Michaels or World Market and go to a Natural Store and buy fresh herbs and package them yourself.  Buy a fresh herb plant for nice addition.   You can wrap them up in a fun way.  Put them in a large cooking pot or pan, a tin pale, a wooden crate, wrap each spice up an put them in a fun stocking.  You can get creative and show that you put thought and effort into your gift.  Check out our website for more ideas

All Colorado Gift Box

An all Colorado gift box is a great gift for Colorado visitors or someone you want to share ‘Colorado’ with. There a so many great Colorado products that would make a nice gift such as cookies from Denver, Preserves from Denver, hand thrown mini dishes from Colorado Springs, Chocolate made in Boulder, Nuts from Denver, Coffee from Colorado Springs and so many other great options.  Check our our website to see one of our Colorado gift boxes.