Mothers Day – 10 ideas

Mother’s Day is on Sunday May 14th.  Do you have your Mother’s Day gift planned?  If not here are 10 ideas to help you out.

  1.  Spa products- lotions, bath bombs, lip balm, nail polish
  2.  Chocolate – hot chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate raisins, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate covered nuts
  3.  Pajamas, slippers, night time tea, robe, foot balm
  4.  Perfume, travel perfume, bath bombs, foot balm, body sprays, body lotion (My favorite is the Body Shop brand, they have wonderful scents.  I buy mine at Ulta and found some purse size lotion at TJ Maxx.
  5.  Coffee mug, variety of coffee, tea, honey, honey sticks, jam, spreader
  6.  Hiking bag, sun screen, lip balm, protein bars (www.thefriendlyboxcompany carries a great mini day pack for hiking)
  7.  Wine, a rented movie, cheese and crackers, a cutting board
  8.  Certificates to favorite stores for shopping
  9.   Coupons for chores around the house great for the kids to give to mom, clean the bathroom, wash dishes, laundry, quite time with no     interruptions, breakfast in bed, dinner prepared, dusting…..
  10.  Book on the month club, Wine of the month club, Makeup of the month, Food of the month club, there are many monthly  clubs to choose from.

Gifts That are Multi-Purpose


I don’t know about you but I like things that are usable and have multi-purpose.  This is such a cool product we found.  It is wine bag but can be used as a purse or lunch box.  It would make a great gift.  You can either add a bottle of wine in the bag or put snacks in it as if it were a lunch box.  So far, I have been using mine as a purse and have sold several of them by carrying them around.  It also comes with a wine bottle opener.  There is a wide range of colors and patterns to pick from so you can gift one that fits someones personality.  We are selling our bags for only $20 plus tax.  How cool is that!!!!

Creative Packaging for Gifts

Are you looking for different ways to package gift.  Here are 10 unique ideas

  1.  Pasta Colander-  Add pasta, pasta sauce, wooden spoon, olive oil, seasonings, kitchen towel
  2. Picnic Basket – napkins, plastic silverware, recycled wine glasses, wine, chocolate, set of plastic dishes
  3. Wine Bucket – Wine, wine charms, chocolate, napkins, wine/pourer/stoper
  4. Mason Jar- Back to school emergency kits, lip balm, mints, gum, bandaids, aspirin, sun screen
  5. Bucket- new home, cleaning supplies, dish soap, kitchen towel, sponge, dusting supplies
  6. Oven Mitt- fill with baking utensils
  7. Slipper- inside slippers add nail polish, bubble bath, lotion, bath tea, hot tea bags
  8. Large Wooden Salad bowl – salad utensils, wooden spoons, vinegar and oils, fresh bread, bread knife
  9. Gifts in a large jar- teas, honey sticks, small cookies
  10. Cutting Board- cheese and sausage, cheese knife, spreader, jams

Need help with gifting ideas check out our portfolio page on our website

The Value of Personal Touch


When you get a gift card do you feel emotion?  I am sure you appreciate the thought but it’s not as meaningful as a gift that shows personal touch and time.  When I give a gift I think about the person’s interest.  I don’t give a gift because I like it but because I know the receiver likes it.  Think about the person you are gifting.  Does that person you know drink coffee or tea, buy them a mug with a quote that fits the receiver along with coffee or tea?  Do they have a favorite color? Buy a nice scarf in that color or even a pair of socks and write a note saying how much you know it’s their favorite color.  Does that person like to read and write. Buy a beautiful journal or a pen that is special.  They will always think of you when they write.  What about a foodie, buy that person some spices and sauces.   Package it up nicely, put a nice ribbon around it and write a thoughtful note saying how much you appreciate them as a friend or colleague. Our company has gotten feedback that the gifts created and given brought tears to their clients eyes.  Giving is often better than receiving. 

Paying it Forward

Most of the time when you think of gifting and its purpose you do it for growing your business, business appreciation, client referral or new clients.  Pay it forward with someone you appreciate for no reason at all.  Wouldn’t that be a great surprise!   If it is not for business maybe its for your mailman, dentist, UPS driver( I like to leave a bucket of treats at my front door) your babysitter or a co-worker who helped you out.    Look at gift giving in another perspective. Give just because.  You will make someone’s day! You are paying your appreciation forward. When you make someone’s day it will be rewarding for both sides.

So pay it forward with a personal gift whether is food or a personal keepsake.