Paying it Forward

Most of the time when you think of gifting and its purpose you do it for growing your business, business appreciation, client referral or new clients.  Pay it forward with someone you appreciate for no reason at all.  Wouldn’t that be a great surprise!   If it is not for business maybe its for your mailman, dentist, UPS driver( I like to leave a bucket of treats at my front door) your babysitter or a co-worker who helped you out.    Look at gift giving in another perspective. Give just because.  You will make someone’s day! You are paying your appreciation forward. When you make someone’s day it will be rewarding for both sides.

So pay it forward with a personal gift whether is food or a personal keepsake.  


February gifts

If you are a business it may seem awkward to send a Valentine’s Day gift to another business.  What you can do is send a gift with all red packaging.  Some items can include a red candy bar, red gum, a red pen, red salsa, red wine, red tea towel, red drinking glass, red notebook, tea in red packaging and put it in a red box or bag.  How fun would that be to get as a gift.  We can help you with some ideas.  Contact us at

New Year Gifts

Did you get too busy to send Christmas gifts to your clients.  Well, Its never too late.  Send a ‘Looking Forward to learning more about your business in 2017’, or ‘Looking forward to getting to know you in 2017’, or ‘Thank you for your business in 2016 and looking forward to working with you in the future.’ Put some thought in effort into the gift selections.  

Your recipient will appreciate the well thought out gift.  If the gift is going to more than one person in the office then send a shared office gift of goodies.  In the winter send some individual soup packets, tea packets, some cider mulling spices and hot chocolates.  Don’t forget to package it nicely. Presentation is just as important as the gift.

If you don’t have time to shop or send out a gift there are many companies that can do it for you.  We help many clients who are very busy.   We create a gift, package it, ship it and make it very simple for you to send out a gift. Go to www.thefriendlyboxcompany for more gifting ideas.



Custom and Shared Office Gifts

Are you in sales and want to show your clients you sincerely care about them and appreciate their business relationship.  Show them by giving them or the office a thoughtful custom gift. Learn something about them.  Show you are interested in them.   Don’t just buy a pre-made gift from the big store but one made up of products designed for them.  Are they gluten free? Do they like teas or coffees?  Do they like to cook?  Are they healthy eaters?  Give them a gift that’s about them.  

Either make one up yourself or find someone that designs custom gifts.  The Friendly Box Company can design a custom gift made specifically for your client.  If its for an office a shared gift can be designed which might include teas, chocolate’s, nuts, toffee, chips and salsa for the office to share.


Gifts for the cold weather

January is a great time to give gifts that warm the mind and body.  Some cold weather gifting can include chili’s, soups, single serve soups great for the office, and crackers.  For drinks give some hot chocolate, mulling spice and tea with a jar of honey or honey sticks and preserves. For the body, bath tub tea bags, bath bombs and Epson salt.  Personally I enjoy adding Epson salt and baking soda to my bath and have a cup of tea and honey next to me while taking a bath.  I look forward to this every night. It’s very relaxing and helps me sleep.

The Friendly Box Company sells Colorado jarred honey, Colorado Honey sticks, Colorado cider mulling spice, Colorado shortbread cookies, and some great soups and chili’s.  Check out our website for some gift options.  We can customize a special gift box made special for your client, friend or family.