Pasta Lovers Gift

If you know someone who loves pasta give them a pasta themed gift. Include pasta, some seasoning salt, olive oil,  a kitchen towel, chocolate or chocolate sauce, and you can put them in a colander or a nice wooden crate with a bottle of wine, or a bag.  Check out our pasta themed gift at, we call it Italian Fare. 

A Gift For The Dog Lover

If you are a dog lover you can appreciate a gift given to you for your best friend.  A dog lover gift can be a combo gift for both the human and fur baby.  A colapsable dog bowl is a great gift for the dog and a nice water bottle for the human, great for travel and by foot.  Add a nice homemade dog bone for the dog and a snack bar for the human.  A picture frame would also be a nice addition to this gift combination.  The Friendly Box Company can put this together for you.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Colorado Hikers

We are going to be giving you holiday gift ideas for the next 20 days.  Today is for the hiker.  Colorado is know for its great hiking trails.  One of my favorite hiking accessory is a small hiking bag that I own. It can hook onto a belt loop or be worn  cross body.  It can hold a phone(unless you have a very large on), car keys, a small breakfast bar, some doggie bags if you are walking your dog.  They come in many colors and styles.  If you are interested in giving one for a gift email us to see what we have in stock.  Check out www.thefriendlyboxcompany  for more gift ideas.

Personal Holiday gift

How do you get creative with personal gifting?  Give a gift that shows you listen and care about the persons interest.  Ask yourself some questions:  do they like to hike, are they athletic, do they like coffee or tea, do they have a favorite color, are they Gluten Free, do they eat healthy, do they like chocolate, are they crafty?  If you want to give a gift to an out of town friend give products made in your state such as all Colorado made gifts if you are from Colorado.  It also give you a chance to support small businesses in your state.   Pick a theme from what you know they are interested in and build your gift with a variety of products to fit that theme.  Put the items in a nice bag, wooden crate, box, basket, large bowls colanders, wrap in blankets, kitchen towel……Giving A gift that is personal is more meaningful to the receiver. Go to for some unique gifting ideas and build one that is perfect for you.