Creative Packaging for Gifts

Are you looking for different ways to package gift.  Here are 10 unique ideas

  1.  Pasta Colander-  Add pasta, pasta sauce, wooden spoon, olive oil, seasonings, kitchen towel
  2. Picnic Basket – napkins, plastic silverware, recycled wine glasses, wine, chocolate, set of plastic dishes
  3. Wine Bucket – Wine, wine charms, chocolate, napkins, wine/pourer/stoper
  4. Mason Jar- Back to school emergency kits, lip balm, mints, gum, bandaids, aspirin, sun screen
  5. Bucket- new home, cleaning supplies, dish soap, kitchen towel, sponge, dusting supplies
  6. Oven Mitt- fill with baking utensils
  7. Slipper- inside slippers add nail polish, bubble bath, lotion, bath tea, hot tea bags
  8. Large Wooden Salad bowl – salad utensils, wooden spoons, vinegar and oils, fresh bread, bread knife
  9. Gifts in a large jar- teas, honey sticks, small cookies
  10. Cutting Board- cheese and sausage, cheese knife, spreader, jams

Need help with gifting ideas check out our portfolio page on our website


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