Mothers Day – 10 ideas

Mother’s Day is on Sunday May 14th.  Do you have your Mother’s Day gift planned?  If not here are 10 ideas to help you out.

  1.  Spa products- lotions, bath bombs, lip balm, nail polish
  2.  Chocolate – hot chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate raisins, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate covered nuts
  3.  Pajamas, slippers, night time tea, robe, foot balm
  4.  Perfume, travel perfume, bath bombs, foot balm, body sprays, body lotion (My favorite is the Body Shop brand, they have wonderful scents.  I buy mine at Ulta and found some purse size lotion at TJ Maxx.
  5.  Coffee mug, variety of coffee, tea, honey, honey sticks, jam, spreader
  6.  Hiking bag, sun screen, lip balm, protein bars (www.thefriendlyboxcompany carries a great mini day pack for hiking)
  7.  Wine, a rented movie, cheese and crackers, a cutting board
  8.  Certificates to favorite stores for shopping
  9.   Coupons for chores around the house great for the kids to give to mom, clean the bathroom, wash dishes, laundry, quite time with no     interruptions, breakfast in bed, dinner prepared, dusting…..
  10.  Book on the month club, Wine of the month club, Makeup of the month, Food of the month club, there are many monthly  clubs to choose from.

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