The Value of Personal Touch


When you get a gift card do you feel emotion?  I am sure you appreciate the thought but it’s not as meaningful as a gift that shows personal touch and time.  When I give a gift I think about the person’s interest.  I don’t give a gift because I like it but because I know the receiver likes it.  Think about the person you are gifting.  Does that person you know drink coffee or tea, buy them a mug with a quote that fits the receiver along with coffee or tea?  Do they have a favorite color? Buy a nice scarf in that color or even a pair of socks and write a note saying how much you know it’s their favorite color.  Does that person like to read and write. Buy a beautiful journal or a pen that is special.  They will always think of you when they write.  What about a foodie, buy that person some spices and sauces.   Package it up nicely, put a nice ribbon around it and write a thoughtful note saying how much you appreciate them as a friend or colleague. Our company has gotten feedback that the gifts created and given brought tears to their clients eyes.  Giving is often better than receiving. 


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